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0222,000Kool Down

Friday – 5

Only availble on friday, ask your server

Saturday – 5

Only availble on Saturday, ask your server

Sunday – 5

Only availble on Sunday, ask your server

Royal Lassi – 5

Yogurt smoothie with with mango & saffron cream swirled in it

Junglee Chaas – 4

Yogurt drink with fresh herbs and curry leaves

Punjabi Lassi – 4

A cooling yogurt drink served sweet or salty 

Mango Tango – 4

Mango & Passion Fruit Juice cocktail 

Thai Ice Tea – 4

A Creamy ice tea with distinctive flavor

Cutting Chai – 3

Mumbai’s special masala tea

Cutting Chai – 3

Mumbai’s special masala tea

Fountain Drinks – 2

Pepsi, diet Pepsi, sierra  mist, ginger ale, fanta, lemonade & ice tea

Have A Soup-erb Day

Roasted Bell Pepper Bisque – 5

Creamy roasted bell pepper soup

Hot & Sour Soup – 5

A sesame & pepper veg soup(veg or chicken) 

Makai soup – 5

A thick soup with sweet corn 

Lemon cilantro soup – 5

Vegetable soup topped with lemon & cilantro 

Living On The Veg

Chinese Bhel-  8 

Thin masala noodles tossed in a tangy & spicy sauce 

Chili Focaccia – 8

A flatbread topped w/fresh chili, onions & cheese 

Punjabi Samosa – 5

Tempered potatoes and peas in a crispy pastry 

Veg Spring Rolls – 7

Crunchy veggies in a crispy spring roll

Szechuan Fries – 8

Crunchy veggies in a crispy spring roll

Spicy Edamame – 8

Edamame tossed with fresh garlic & chilli sauce

Kati Roll (Frankie) – 11

A choice of paneer, veggie ,chicken or Lamb

Twisted Tofu – 12

Tofu tossed in a tangy house sauce

Mushroom Koyala -12

Mushroom marinated in spices and cooked in tandoor

Momo Manchurian – 14

Vegetable momo tossed in manchurian sauce

Dry Chilly Baby Corn – 14

Baby corn tossed in a tangy chilli sauce

Sezchuan Aloo Gobi – 14

Potatoes and cauliflower tossed with onions in a schezuan sauce

Dry Manchurian – 14

Veg or Gobi (cauliflower) or mushroom tossed in manchurian sauce

Paneer 65 – 15

Marinated Paneer ina tangy sauce with curry leaves

Dry Chilli Paneer – 15

Paneer tossed in a tangy chilly sauce

Tandoori Paneer Ke Tikka – 15

Marinated paneer, onions & bellpeppers cooked in tandoor

Meat Sweats

Chicken Samosa – 8

Samosas filled with minced chicken and spices 

Chicken Pops – 10

Crispy battered chicken lollypops with scezuan sauce 

Ande ka Funda – 12

Boiled eggs tossed with fresh ginger, garlic and chilli

Murg Malai – 16.00

Chicken Kabab with rich cream sauce and gypsy onion

Reshmi Tikka – 16

Marinated chicken boti cooked in tandoor

Haryali Murg – 16

Chicken marinated with cilantro, mint and distinctive flavors 

Junglee Kabab – 16.00

Skewered pieces of chicken marinated in bihari masala 

Murg Banjara – 16

Chicken kabab tossed in fresh crushed black pepper

Tandoori Chicken – 16

Marinated chicken, skewered and cooked in the tandoor

Sezchuan Tikka – 16

Chicken with spicy garlic & ground red pepper sauce

Chicken 65 – 16

W/ spicy garlic & ground red pepper sauce 

Dry Chilli Chicken – 16

Chicken tossed in a tangy chilli sauce 

Chicken Sekuwa – 16

BBQ skewered chicken with a habanero sauce 

Gilafi Sheek Kabab – 18

Marinated minced lamb, skewered and cooked in the tandoor

Rampuri Chops – 28

Frenched lamb rack spiced marinated cooked in tandoor 

What The Fish – 20

Salmon marinated and cooked in tandoor

Tandoori Prawns – 20

Marinated Jumbo shrimp cooked in the tandoor 

Wok N Shrimp – 20

Shrimp tossed in house sauce with jalapenos 

Nice To Meat you

Egg Curry – 12

Egg cooked in onion and tomato gravy 

Chicken Tikka Masala – 16

Chicken Kabab in a rich tomato cream soup

Murg Methi Malai – 16

Reshmi chicken in a fresh fenugreek cream sauce

Chicken Kofta – 16 

 Chicken Kofta cooked in a onion and tomato gravy 

Butter Chicken – 16 

Shredded tandoori chicken cooked in creamy butter sauce

Punjabi Chicken Curry – 16 

Boneless Chicken in a tangy masala gravy 

Methi Chicken Curry – 16 

Boneless chicken cooked in a fresh fenugreek gravy

Dhaba Chicken – 16 

Boneless chicken cooked with mystic masala yogurt gravy

Goat Bhuna – 17 

Goat cooked with fresh ground spices, tomato, onion & bell pepper

Lamb Rohan Josh – 18 

Tender Boneless leg of Lamb in a tangy masala gravy 

Malabar Fish Curry – 20 

Coconut curry fish, from the coastline of Kerala

Goan Shrimp Masala – 20 

Shrimp cooked in tangy masala gravy 

Keep Calm & Curry On

Amristari Chole – 14 

Hot & tangy garbanzo bean masala. 

Daal Bukhara – 14 

Dum pukth black daal with fresh herbs & spices. 

Takora Daal – 14 

Mumbai‘s yellow daal tadka with fresh herbs and spices.

Makai Saag – 14 

Corn & Spinach Sauted in cashewnut gravy

Mystic Mushroom – 14 

Mushrooms cooked in chefs special gravy

Bhagare Baingan – 14 

Eggplant braised in a tamarinf peanut sauce

Daal Bhindi – 14 

Okra cooked with chana daal, onions & cherry tomatoes

Veg Garlic Tardka – 14 

Green peas, & homemade cheese cooked in curry sauce

Paneer Tikka Masala – 15 

Soft paneer in a tomato makhani gravy.

Karahi Paneer – 15 

Paneer tossed with onion & peppers in karahi gravy

Methi Malai Paneer – 15 

In a fresh fenugreek & cashew cream sauce

Saag Paneer – 14 

Creamed Spinach & home made paneer masala

Sahi Navratan Korma – 15 

Diced Veg with cashew cream curry

Kashmiri Malai ke Kofte – 15 

Paneer dumpling with cashews in a rich curry

Veggies from the Wok

Bombay Style Chinese-Vegetarian 

Gobi-Manchurian – 14 

Crispy cauliflower in a spicy ginger & garlic soy sauce 

Thai veg curry – 14 

Monsoon vegetables with cashew nuts in a red curry

Hot Garlic Eggplant – 14 

Tender eggplant with dry red chillies and garlic

Kung Pao Veg – 14 

Veggies, red chillies & peanuts in a spicy sauce

Manchurian Veg Balls – 14 

Veg Dumpling in a spicy ginger & garlic soy sauce

Chilli Garlic Potatoes – 14 

Stir fried potatoes with garlic & chilli paste

Paneer Manchurian – 15 

Paneer in a spicy ginger & garlic soy sauce

Hot Garlic Paneer – 15 

Paneer with dry red chillies & garlic

Chilli Paneer – 15 

Tangy Paneer stir fried with chillies

Sezchuan Paneer – 15 

Soft Paneer with a spicy szechuwan sauce

Wok On Fire

Bombay Style Chinese Non-Vegetarian

Chilli Chicken – 16 

Crispy cauliflower in a spicy ginger & garlic soy sauce 

Hot Garlic Chicken – 16 

With Fresh crushed Garlic & dry red chillies 

Kung Pao Cashew chicken – 16 

With spicy veggies & Cashew 

Manchurian Chicken – 16 

In a Spicy ginger & Garlic  Soy sauce 

Sezchuan Chicken – 16 

Tender chicken in a garlic, giber szechuan sauce

Sezchuan Prawns – 20 

Paneer with dry red chilies & garlic. 

Have A Rice Day

Add Egg -2, Chicken – 3, Shrimps – 4

Steamed Rice – 5 

Steamed Basmati rice

Jeera Rice – 5 

Basmati rice cooked in exotic spices

Chinese Fried Rice – 10 

Stir-fried with shredded veggies

Chili Garlic Fried Rice – 10 

Spiced w/ garlic and dry red chilies

Sezchuan fried Rice – 10 

In a spicy ginger & garlic sauce

Thai Fried Rice – 10 

cooked with red Thai curry

Dum Pukth Biryani – 14 

Sealed and slow cooked with rice & Vegetables

Chicken Biryani – 16 

Sealed and slow cooked rice with vegetables

Goat Biryani – 17 

Sealed and slow cooked rice with vegetables

Lamb Biryani – 18 

Sealed and slow cooked rice with vegetables

Send Noods

Add Egg – 2, Chicken – 3, Shrimps – 4

Chowmein – 10 

Thin stir-fried noodles with vegetables

Hakka Noodles – 10 

Bombay style flat lo mein noodles.

Malaysian Noodles – 10 

Thin chowmein w/ red curry spice.& veg

Chopsuey – 14 

Sweet & sour or Szechuan veg. over crispy noodles

To Bread Or Not To Bread

Onion Kulcha – 4 

Fresh baked flat bread stuffed with diced onions.

Tandoori Roti – 2 

A tandoori whole wheat flat bread

Butter Naan/Garlic Nan – 3 

Flat bread w/ garlic & fresh herbs or plain

Chili Cheese Naan – 4 

Spicy fresh baked flat bread w/ Cheese

Angara Naan – 3 

Spicy fresh baked flat bread w/ Chili & Garlic

Olive Kulcha – 4 

Flat bread stuffed w/ chooped green olives & onion

Jodhpuri Lacha Paratha – 4 

Layered whole wheat flour bread with jeera, cilantro & mint

Rumali roti – 3

A soft, thin delicious roti prepared on the tandoor

What The Sides

Indian Salad – 2 

Onion, Chilli & Lemon topped with chaat masala

Sezchuan Sauce – 2 

Spicy garlic and ground red pepper sauce


Fresh Mitha Pan – 3 

Pista Kulfi – 5

Malai Kulfi – 

Pan Kulfi – 

Mango Soufflé – 

Coconut Paradise – 

Coffee Mania – 

Chocolate Rasbhari – 6 

Gulab Jamun – 6 

Mango Creme Brule – 10 

Service charge of 18% will be applied to parties of seven or more. Food items may contain nuts or been in contact with surfaces exposed to nuts
Please notify server of any allergies in your party. Max. of only 2 credit cards can be used to split bill